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'''Pierre Teilhard de Chardin''' Society of Jesus|SJ ( (); 1 May 1881 – 10 April 1955) was a French idealism|French idealist philosopher and Society of Jesus|Jesuit Catholic priesthood|priest who trained as a Paleontology|paleontologist and Geology|geologist and took part in the discovery of Peking Man. He conceived the idea of the Omega Point (a maximum level of complexity and consciousness towards which he believed the universe was evolving) and developed Vladimir Vernadsky's concept of noosphere. During his lifetime, many of Teilhard's writings were Index Librorum Prohibitorum|censored by the Catholic Church because of his views on Original sin#Roman Catholicism|original sin. Recently Teilhard has been praised by Pope Benedict XVI and other eminent Catholic figures. The response to his writings by evolutionary biologists has been, with some exceptions, decidedly negative.
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